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Hi Eric,

Just wanted to say thank you for all you do. I know I have told you in person and on the phone how much I appreciate you, but thought it might be nice to write you and say it again. If it hadn't been for you I would have backed out of buying a home one more time as I have in the past. You knew this of me, because that is how our business relationship came to be. I remember you calling me right after you started at Clayton, saying you had been handed my old file, and was checking to see if I were still interested in buying a home. That was the beginning of our journey. I even warned you, that if you didn't remain strong and encouraging I would back out, as I had done many times before. You were very encouraging and never wrote me off. You listened to my concerns and issues along the way and even had to put up with me getting foul a couple of times! Your caring and concern is what got me and kept me.

Now I'm the proud owner of a wonderful new home! Just wanted to share a couple of things with you. I was totally amazed at the instant savings I had on my power bill with this new home. As you know I went from a 950 square foot mobile home to a 1300 square foot modular. Even with more space, my power bill is way lower than before. I haven't had a power bill over $100! Before my average was more that $200! Thanks again for all you do. I am glad I met you.

Sincerely a very satisfied home owner,

Linda De

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